How To Become Beautiful For Free

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How To Become Beautiful For Free
How To Become Beautiful For Free

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A huge arsenal of cosmetic products, which are continuously developed and produced by thousands of laboratories, firms and concerns, helps to preserve and enhance female beauty. Physicians, cosmetologists, make-up artists, stylists, hairdressers "conjure" over the appearance of women. But all this, unfortunately, requires financial investments and is not available to every woman. And yet, those who do not have money to correct their figure and face should not despair. You can become outwardly attractive for free.

How to become beautiful for free
How to become beautiful for free


Step 1

To begin with, try to "tune in" to beauty, because in fact there are very few ugly women. Most often, they simply do not know how and do not like to take care of themselves. But if you are willing to make some effort to improve your appearance, then you are not one of them. Look at yourself from the outside, analyze your strengths and weaknesses. The former should be selected, and the latter should be masked.

Step 2

The first step towards beauty is posture correction. Remember that when men look at a woman, at first their gaze falls not on the face, but on the whole appearance: on the camp, figure and gait. If you walk with your head down and your shoulders as if a sack of potatoes is lying on them, then you only cause pity. Straighten your shoulders, narrow your shoulder blades a little, lift your head off the ground and look with interest at the world around you. Walk forward with a light gait, from the hip. To get used to this torso position, exercise at home with a book on your head.

Step 3

If you have extra pounds, quickly develop a program to get rid of them. This is proper nutrition and the obligatory presence of physical activity. Exercising, jogging in the morning and a horizontal bar on the school playground won't cost you a dime.

Step 4

Get healthy, restful sleep. Try to go to bed before midnight. Ventilate the room well before bed. Don't drink a lot of fluids. Choose a comfortable, moderately firm mattress and a small pillow. This will allow you to wake up perfectly rested, without bags under the eyes and extra wrinkles.

Step 5

For face, hair and body care, you can use recipes from past generations. Herbal tinctures, masks made from fermented milk products, fruits and vegetables are an affordable and pleasant way to achieve beauty. Sour cream, cottage cheese, fresh cucumbers whiten the skin of the face, moisturize and open the pores. Carrots and coffee grounds improve complexion, especially if it is naturally pale. Calendula soothes the skin and relieves inflammation, etc. In the morning, wipe your face with ice cubes or frozen herbal teas.

Step 6

Do cosmetic exercises every day for 10 minutes. This will help you maintain skin elasticity for longer, improve the tone and elasticity of facial muscles, delay the appearance or reduce wrinkles. Repeat each exercise 5-10 times:

- blow on an imaginary fluff in different directions;

- tilt your head back, smile and purse your lips;

- roll your eyes;

- close your eyes and open your eyes;

- open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue;

- puff out your cheeks;

- pull in your cheeks;

- Stretch your neck and chin until tension;

- lower your head, interlace your fingers on the back of your head and try to straighten your head, hindering your hands;

- take turns touching the right and left shoulder with your chin.

Step 7

To increase skin tone and improve blood supply to tissues, regularly self-massage your face: stroke, gently beat and make small vibrating movements along the massage lines. They pass: from the base of the nose under the cheekbone to the temple; from the corners of the mouth to the middle of the ear; from the center of the chin along the lower jaw to the earlobe. Also lightly massage the forehead, eye area, cheeks and neck.

Step 8

Learn to enjoy life. Try not to take troubles to heart, and take pleasant events with joy and delight.Smile at people more often - your family, friends, work colleagues, and ordinary passers-by. A charming smile and sparkle in your eyes will make you very attractive in the eyes of others.

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