Extension Of Nails: The Main Types

Extension Of Nails: The Main Types
Extension Of Nails: The Main Types

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There is not always enough time and desire to wait until natural nails grow, especially when a beautiful manicure is needed here and now. Very often, many women suffer from fragility, ugly shape or slow growth of nails. In this case, it is worth using various extension methods that will make the nail plates beautiful with the desired length and texture.

Extension of nails: the main types
Extension of nails: the main types

The main types of building

Today, there are several main ways to build nails quickly, in a matter of hours. These include the following methods:

• gel;

• acrylic;

• building with biogel;

The first technique makes it possible to build up the cover on the tips, that is, the glued tips that lengthen the nail. They are installed on an already filed nail, and the correct shape is created using files or scissors. After that, the gel is applied and dried under ultraviolet radiation for several minutes.

The second method is acrylic technology, which requires a high level of skills and a good response from the master. The length and shape of the extended nail is created under the influence of a unique mixture of liquid and acrylic powder, which hardens in minutes after application.

And the final technology - biogel nail extension is considered the best option, gentle on the nail and safe for the nail plate. It should be applied to an already processed nail, and then placed under an ultraviolet lamp to dry. Due to the fact that biogel is a self-leveling product, it is easy to work with it, and the nail extension procedure itself is very fast.

Let's take a closer look at each of the nail extension methods.

Gel nails

For nail extension using this method, a soft safe gel is used, which is exposed to ultraviolet radiation for the best effect. Due to this, the enlarged area becomes resistant to external influences and very dense. Gel nails are closest in structure to natural ones, and all due to the fact that they can "breathe" - they let air and moisture pass through. Even if you do not cover the gel nails with varnish, their appearance will be quite natural and pleasant. Correct and timely care will allow you to maintain the flawless appearance of gel nails for up to four months.


Acrylic nails are considered one of the most popular today. Acrylic itself is actively used for medical purposes, and is considered a fairly safe material. By its structure, it is a powder, which is converted into a solid state by adding a liquid or monomer reagent, and a subsequent chemical reaction. The formed thick substance hardens in a matter of seconds, and therefore the process of creating attractive false nails should be carried out very quickly and delicately.

Today, two methods of nail extension with acrylic are used: with the help of forms and on tips.

In the first case, a part of the nail is fixed in a special shape. Then the master forms a bend from acrylic and creates the shape of the future nail. After applying the substance, you should wait a minute, after which the mold is removed and the nail polishing begins, then covering its surface with a special protective solution.

Extension of acrylic nails on tips is as follows. On a third of the nail, tips of a certain flexible structure are attached. After that, using a file, the edge of the joint between the nail and the tips is trimmed, and an acrylic mass is applied to the resulting surface. A few minutes later, after the material has hardened, you need to carefully grind the nail plate and cover it with a protective solution.


And finally, mention should be made of the modern method of nail extension using biogel.This method is based on the use of modern technologies, which allows not only to build up, but also to strengthen the nails, as well as to carry out their correction.

Biogel in its structure is a special plastic and completely safe for humans gel created from the resin of the teak tree. This substance is not only effective in the field of manicure, but even beneficial to health. Biogel has a hypoallergenic effect and is non-toxic. It contains protein that strengthens the nail and contributes to its nutrition and health.

Nails that are strengthened with biogel are practically indistinguishable from natural ones. But the main advantage of this tool is elasticity. In a situation where an ordinary nail would break, the nail strengthened with biogel will only bend.

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