How To Build Acrylic Nails On The Form

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How To Build Acrylic Nails On The Form
How To Build Acrylic Nails On The Form

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Even the owners of thin, brittle and ugly nails can make their hands attractive and well-groomed through the procedure of nail extension. Most often, acrylic is used for it - it is easier to remove it if necessary, and it is easier to care for such nails. One of the most popular types of acrylic nail extension is on-the-form extension.

How to build acrylic nails on the form
How to build acrylic nails on the form

It is necessary

Primer, liquid, special brushes for nail extension, acrylic powder, files, forms for building, a glass cup for liquid


Step 1

Examine the client's hands for skin problems. If you find a fungal disease, unhealthy or damaged nails, you have every right to refuse to perform the procedure until it is completely recovered.

Step 2

Disinfect the client's hands. He should wash them with soap and then wipe them with a cotton pad with an alcohol solution. Wipe your hands as well.

Step 3

Wipe off the remnants of the old polish from the nails, and then move the cuticle with an orange stick so as not to injure it during extension.

Step 4

Remove the upper shiny layer of the nail with a file: for this, with light movements with a slight slope, you need to file the entire nail plate. Use the finest grit file. Finally, degrease your hands with an alcohol wipe.

Step 5

Apply a primer to each nail that will improve the adhesion of the nail plate and acrylic. Try not to touch the lateral ridges and cuticles. It is best not to apply the primer to both hands at once to avoid overdrying and evaporation.

Step 6

Glue the molds under the free edge of the nail. The middle of the shape should be exactly in the middle of the nail. Pressing lightly on the side rollers, secure the form so that it goes around the nail and holds firmly. The shape should extend the nail, be even, without tilt and wrinkles.

Step 7

Pour the liquid into a special glass, dip the brush and lightly brush over the acrylic powder. It should collect on a ball-shaped brush and immediately soak in the solution. Acrylic wears off quickly

Step 8

Start spreading the acrylic onto the mold, starting at the tip of your nail. Use gentle pressing and smoothing brush strokes to shape the acrylic into the shape of your future nail. Apply the next ball to the so-called stress area of ​​the nail - the middle, and the third - near the cuticle. Try to distribute the acrylic evenly so that it follows the shape of your nail, lays down in an even layer.

Step 9

After the acrylic has hardened, carefully remove the mold. Take a file that is hard enough (abrasiveness 80 or 100) and shape the nail into the desired shape. Hold the nail while filing, otherwise the client will feel pain and discomfort. File the entire surface of the nail, holding the file at a 45-degree angle. Try not to hit the cuticle with the file, otherwise you can seriously injure it.

Step 10

Treat your nails with the artificial nail buff, starting from the roughest side to the softest. This will add shine to the extended nails. Apply nail polish or pattern to nails, let dry. At the end of the procedure, be sure to treat the cuticle with a special softening oil.

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