How To Make Your Hair Thick And Thick

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How To Make Your Hair Thick And Thick
How To Make Your Hair Thick And Thick

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Thick and lush hair is one of the main adornments of a woman. No wonder the lush-haired beauties triumphantly look at those around them from the pages of glossy magazines and TV screens. But what if nature cheated in this sense? You can correct the deficiency by increasing the number of hairs and their thickness.

How to make your hair thick and thick
How to make your hair thick and thick


Step 1

The most spectacular and quickest result you will get from hair extensions. This procedure is available, it is offered in any modern salon, you just need to have a desire and a tidy sum in your pocket. The process is quite simple: with the help of special thermal capsules, additional ones are attached to the natural strands. This is done both hot and cold. There are many ways, they all differ in the degree of harm caused to natural hair. The most gentle are hot English and Italian and cold Spanish. It is best, perhaps, to choose the Italian technology, in which it does not use resin or glue to attach the strands, but natural keratin. However, in the end, after any of the procedures, the hairstyle looks more voluminous. But such artificial hair will have to be constantly corrected - once every 3-4 months.

Step 2

For those who are not chasing a quick and too impressive result, but are ready to patiently perform a series of regular manipulations, numerous folk recipes are suitable. They allow not only to achieve the density and splendor of the curls, but also to maintain the health of the hair. To increase the amount of hair, it is necessary to stimulate the hair follicles, which for some reason "sleep", in all possible ways. There are many recipes for these purposes. For example, you can make or buy a capsicum tincture at the pharmacy and rub it into your scalp. The product should be left on the hair for 30 minutes, covering the hair with a warm towel. Nettle oil helps well, but it is rubbed into the head not for 30 minutes, but for 1-2 hours. You can use a variety of masks: from onions, honey and cognac, for example, as well as from egg yolks, mayonnaise, pepper and burdock oil.

Step 3

The number of hairs is not the only indicator of their density and splendor. You also need the hairs to be thick. Colorless henna will help with this. It envelops the hair and gives it volume, moreover, adds shine to the hair. After 3-4 treatments, the result is visible to the naked eye. But for the greatest effect, an integrated approach is needed - use all means, then soon a lush hairstyle will become your decoration.

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