Do Men Need To Shave Their Legs

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Do Men Need To Shave Their Legs
Do Men Need To Shave Their Legs

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Modern trends dictate leaving as little hair as possible on the body. Many women remove all unnecessary hair on their bodies, but men still wonder if they should do it.

Do men need to shave their legs
Do men need to shave their legs


The image of a well-groomed man is surrounded by a mass of prejudices. He can be called metrosexual, suspected of non-traditional sexual orientation and even trafficking in his body. Many representatives of the stronger sex are embarrassed to use cosmetics: moisturize chapped lips with balm, lubricate chapped hands with cream, believing that only soap, shaving foam and toothpaste should be on their bathroom shelf. Manicure, visits to beauticians and spa wraps can even cause superstitious horror. The belief that a man should be only slightly prettier than a monkey is still quite common.

What kind of men shave their legs?

Despite the fact that this procedure is not very popular, some men still shave their legs. As a rule, this is done by those gentlemen whose feet are in full view of the crowd by virtue of their profession. They can be swimmers, strippers, tennis players, cyclists, bodybuilders and other members of the stronger sex who have to constantly flaunt in shorts or swimming trunks.

So to shave or not to shave?

With the onset of warmth, more and more men are beginning to wonder whether they should shave their legs. Nature has endowed some young people with generous thickets that look like another pair of pants and keep warm well, which is not very pleasant in the heat. With swimming trunks or shorts, such vegetation looks unattractive, and the desire to be naked often disappears. If you are embarrassed by thick black hair on your legs to the point that you are embarrassed to undress, do away with your complexes. The razor and shaving gel will quickly get rid of the problem.

What will the girls think?

The beautiful half of humanity has different attitudes towards clean-shaven male legs, and opinions can be completely opposite: some women believe that a young man should not lag behind them in terms of removing excess vegetation, while others want to see a “natural” male next to them. If you don't want to risk it, ask your girlfriend how she feels about it. Increased body hair growth directly depends on the amount of testosterone - the hormone that makes men courageous, but if you have managed to establish yourself as a strong person and a skillful lover, it is unlikely that the lack of hair on your legs will spoil the opinion of you. In any case, the legs belong to you, and only you can decide how they should look.

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