How To Soften Nail Cuticle Skin

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How To Soften Nail Cuticle Skin
How To Soften Nail Cuticle Skin

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Even perfectly manicured nails will look untidy if they are framed by dry cuticles - a thin strip of skin along the edge of the plate, which tends to dry out, crack and grow. To prevent this from happening, take care of proper nutrition and hydration of the cuticle.

How to soften nail cuticle skin
How to soften nail cuticle skin

Complex moisturizing

In most cases, dry cuticles indicate that your body is lacking moisture. You may feel comfortable enough, but this signal of dehydration cannot be ignored. The reasons may be various: dry climate, too strong influence of heating devices, insufficient fluid consumption. If you can hardly do anything with the weather outside the window, then installing a humidifier in the room is fine. As a result, within a few days you will not only notice a more well-groomed cuticle, but you will also feel better in general. Drink plenty of water so that your skin and internal organs do not suffer.

However, water alone is unlikely to soften the cuticle. On the contrary, if you are doing housework without gloves, and your fingers are constantly in contact with water and household chemicals, dry cuticles will only be a small consequence of all this.

Cosmetic assistance

Choosing the right skin care products will help you soften your cuticles for a long time. It is a big mistake to choose products such as hand creams containing silicones and mineral oil. Such products act instantly and create the appearance of well-groomed skin of the hands, nails and cuticles. In fact, the active ingredients create an invisible film that only inhibits hydration. The visual effect of eating will disappear as soon as you wash your hands.

Natural oily products will really help you soften the cuticle, the most affordable of which are shea butter and beeswax. You can buy ready-made products with various accompanying additives, put them in small containers and carry them with you at all times. You will have to rub such a tool into the cuticle 10-15 times a day. However, you will spend only a few seconds on this. Moreover, natural products have a cumulative effect, and after a couple of weeks you will be able to carry out this manipulation much less often.

Remember that hard oil and wax take a long time to absorb and can leave marks on glossy surfaces you touch. If this is really a problem for you, give preference to lighter textures. For example, some brands have a range of cuticle pencils that are easy to carry. Make sure that the composition contains natural liquid oils: avocado, almond, peach, sweet orange. With such a pencil, you can simply run it over the nail without rubbing the product or getting dirty on the pads of your fingers.

Heavy artillery

Sometimes the cuticle is in such a deplorable state that only more serious methods can help it. Try the paraffin baths, which can be done in the salon or at home. You can buy everything you need in a cosmetic store and significantly save on the cost of the procedure.

Cosmetic hand masks, which are applied for 10-15 minutes under plastic or cotton gloves, are no less effective. You can find such products in the lines of the brands Tony Moly, Holika Holika, Burt's and Bees, Sally Hansen.

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