How To Preserve The Youthfulness Of Female Skin

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How To Preserve The Youthfulness Of Female Skin
How To Preserve The Youthfulness Of Female Skin

Any woman would like to maintain her beauty and attractiveness as long as possible. However, over time, the skin gradually begins to fade. This happens as a result of changes in the properties of proteins that make up the cells of the epidermis.

How to preserve the youthfulness of female skin
How to preserve the youthfulness of female skin


Step 1

If you want to prolong the youthfulness of your skin, live a healthy lifestyle. Remember that bad habits, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep lead to the premature appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, try to be in the fresh air as often as possible, be actively involved in sports, and also develop a daily routine.

Step 2

Take care of your face daily. It constantly requires timely cleansing, hydration, regular nutrition and protection from the sun. During cleansing, makeup, dust, excess sebum, flaky particles of the old layer are removed from the skin surface. Wash your face with a special gel or lotion. For oily skin, deep clean once a week, and for dry and normal skin, 2 times a month. This procedure can be carried out as follows. In a saucepan, boil raspberry, mint leaves, chamomile or jasmine flowers with boiling water. Steam your face over it for 5-10 minutes. Then apply the scrub onto your face with gentle massaging movements. Go through the problem areas most thoroughly.

Step 3

With age, the amount of fluid in the tissues decreases significantly. As a result, the skin becomes flabby. This means that it needs to be hydrated regularly. Use hydrating creams, as well as make hot and cold compresses from herbal decoction. Apply them on your face after the rest of the procedures. The essence of the hot compress is to normalize sebum secretion, improve blood circulation. A cold compress is often used on porous skin prone to breakouts.

Step 4

Massage your neck and face regularly. It can be done at the same time as applying the nourishing cream. Massage your face very gently with gentle circular motions so as not to stretch it. Alternate stroking movements with light slaps.

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