How To Make Black Eyes

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How To Make Black Eyes
How To Make Black Eyes

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Black eyes are expressive by their very nature and do not require serious makeup. But if your eyes are of a different color, and you want to have the magnetic look of a black-eyed Shahrezada? It is not at all necessary to purchase black lenses for this. There are some war paint secrets that will darken your eyes.

Try Arabic makeup
Try Arabic makeup

It is necessary

  • Face tone
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Liquid eyeliner or soft contour with applicator
  • Shadows
  • Mascara.


Step 1

Do your makeup in the Arabian style or under the "woman-vamp" - it focuses on black eyes. The basis of this makeup is an even complexion. Against the background of slightly shimmering light-colored skin, "Shahrezada's eyes" will look especially impressive. Don't forget to accentuate the brow line to enhance the effect of your mysterious eyes. It should be clear and slightly elongated both to the bridge of the nose and to the temples.

Step 2

Bring your eyes. This is the most important part of black eye makeup. You can use a liquid charcoal eyeliner or a soft liner.

• Circle the eyelids along the lash line at the top and bottom so that the eyes become almond-shaped (“cat squint). The line of the liquid liner should not be too greasy.

• With the help of a soft contour, you can make "smoky" eyes. To do this, gently blend the eyeliner line with the applicator. Smoky eyes are obtained with a smooth transition of tones from black to gray.

Step 3

Match your eyeshadow according to your natural eye, hair and skin color. To get the black eye effect:

• Dark-eyed women are best suited to the colors of chocolate and olives, cream beige, caramel. Such makeup will look more natural.

• Light-eyed ladies - golden, lilac, violet, green, gray tones. These are expressive shades that will make your look more glamorous.

• Swarthy beauties - olive brown, and light-skinned - blue, green and gray shades.

• Use shadows of the same color! Dark eyes will shine enchantingly if the shadows have a radiant effect.

Step 4

Apply a lighter tone with a wide brush to the inner corner of the eyelid. Gradually transition to darker tones towards the outer edge. The shadow should lie on the entire upper eyelid up to the eyebrow and under the lower lashes.

Step 5

Paint the upper lashes with two to three coats of charcoal black mascara. For the lower lashes, one layer is enough. Opt for dark brown mascara for a softer, more flirty look. This is the final chord - you made yourself black eyes. The natural dark iris has become almost black, and the light-eyed beauty will produce the visual effect of a dark diva.

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