Sweat Smell: How To Get Rid Of The Problem

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Sweat Smell: How To Get Rid Of The Problem
Sweat Smell: How To Get Rid Of The Problem

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Sweating is an integral part of the vital activity of the body of any healthy person, but in the summer, when sweating increases, it turns into a serious problem for both men and women, due to the unpleasant smell of sweat that occurs when sweat fluid comes into contact with the skin. So that the smell of sweat does not interfere with communication with other people and does not make you feel insecure and uncomfortable in society, use special means to eliminate the unpleasant odor.

Sweat smell: how to get rid of the problem
Sweat smell: how to get rid of the problem


Step 1

The best and proven way to combat the smell of sweat nowadays are deodorants and antiperspirants, which destroy bacteria on the skin, which means they destroy the cause of unpleasant odors, and do not drown out the smell of perfumery, like perfume or simple perfumes. Choose the type of deodorant that suits you best - they are made in the form of aerosols, lotions, pencils and applicators, creams, and other types. When purchasing deodorant, pay attention to what kind of skin it is intended for. Typically, well-known brands have several lines of deodorants for different skin types: for sensitive skin one concentration of the product is required, and for ordinary one - another.

Step 2

It is not recommended to purchase antiperspirants that block the process of sweating, as stopping sweating is harmful to the body and you can provoke overheating. Use deodorants that kill bacteria but do not stop the flow of sweat.

Step 3

To reduce profuse sweating, after showering, rub your body with a special milk that retains moisture in the skin.

Step 4

It is also useful to use various moisturizing oils and fortified skin nourishing complexes after a bath. They maintain moisture, prevent excess moisture from escaping to the outside, which means they reduce perspiration.

Step 5

In hot weather, remove skin hair in areas that are particularly prone to sweating, such as under the armpits.

Step 6

Wipe your armpits after a shower with a light soda solution or a decoction of oak bark. Orange oil also has beneficial properties for the skin, which can relieve you of the smell of high quality and for a long time.

Step 7

Tinctures of chamomile, sage and eucalyptus can also help reduce sweating and skin irritation. Use an antibacterial soap and moisturizer.

Step 8

When going outside in hot weather, try to wear clothes made from natural fabrics and avoid drinking hot drinks. The same rule applies to shoes - your shoes should be free to let air in, and your socks should be made of natural fabrics. Carry wet wipes and deodorant with you, and practice good personal hygiene.

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