How To Wash Off Henna

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How To Wash Off Henna
How To Wash Off Henna

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Henna is one of the most popular natural dyes. However, getting rid of the red shade in case you are tired of it will be extremely problematic. After two weeks, henna particles completely penetrate the hair scales, so any color change procedures may become useless. You can try to dye your hair in a different color, but one hundred percent result is not guaranteed. It is possible that the paint will lay unevenly or change color altogether. Therefore, before going to the hairdresser or other hair dyes, try rinsing the henna a little at home.

henna not only gives a reddish tint, but also strengthens the hair
henna not only gives a reddish tint, but also strengthens the hair

It is necessary

To do this, you will need to carry out several procedures. You can use various oils (olive or burdock) in them, as well as 70 percent alcohol. Don't forget to stock up on polishing shampoo, a disposable cap, and a towel


Step 1

Apply some rubbing alcohol to your hair. Distribute it along the entire length and hold it on your hair for about 5 minutes. Hot water can be used instead of alcohol. They have approximately the same effect: they open the hair scales, which allows them to wash out the paint.

Step 2

Without rinsing off the alcohol, lubricate your hair with olive oil or burdock oil. Warm your head by wearing a hat or towel. You can dry it slightly with a hairdryer. The mask should be kept for about 30 minutes. During this time, having penetrated under the hair scales, the oil will wash away the paint particles.

Step 3

Wash your hair with a polishing shampoo.

You need to repeat the procedure several times.

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