How To Glue Rhinestones To Nails

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How To Glue Rhinestones To Nails
How To Glue Rhinestones To Nails

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A manicure is a visiting card of any woman. It should always be perfect. It is beautiful and well-groomed hands that attract the attention of men. More recently, manicure using rhinestones has come into fashion. You can do it yourself and at home.

How to glue rhinestones to nails
How to glue rhinestones to nails

It is necessary

File, sea salt, lemon juice, polishing file, nail polish, rhinestones


Step 1

First of all, tidy up your nails. Remove the old coat of varnish. Then file them. Your nails should be the same shape and length. The choice of shape is up to you, file your nails in such a way that you feel comfortable. Remember to keep the file at an angle during this process. Otherwise, the structure of the nail plate will become thinner, which can lead to delamination of the nails. Also, do not use files that are too hard, they adversely affect the health of your nails.

Step 2

After you have decided on the shape, you need to remove the cuticle. To do this, you need special tweezers. Pour warm water into a container and add a few pinches of sea salt. The salt will strengthen the structure of your nail. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice. It will not only strengthen your nails, but also make them whiter. Keep your hands in the bath for 15-20 minutes. After that, start removing the cuticle. Do this with extreme caution. If you accidentally hurt yourself, then disinfect the problem area as soon as possible.

Step 3

After removing the cuticle, you need to start polishing your nails. Use a special three-sided nail file to smooth the surface of each nail. In this case, the varnish will fit perfectly and hold on longer. Paint your nails in two layers. After you've applied the second coat, start gluing the rhinestones. Rhinestones should be special for manicure. Place a few rhinestones on a nail that has not yet dried. Then press them down a little to fix them. Place the rhinestones symmetrically on each hand. Finish with clear polish to set the finish.

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