How To Remove A Bruise

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How To Remove A Bruise
How To Remove A Bruise

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Any impact, bruise or stretching of muscle tissue ruptures blood vessels, and as a result, a bruise. The time for the complete resorption of the hematoma depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, and if it is not there, you can accelerate the resorption of the bruise and achieve its complete disappearance in a few days.

How to remove a bruise
How to remove a bruise


Step 1

As soon as you hit, immediately apply a cold compress to the area. Wrap the ice in a cloth or simply soak a soft towel in ice water and apply to the intended area of ​​the bruise, which does not always appear instantly. Try to hold on the cold compress for longer. If you are using water, as soon as the towel starts to warm up, rinse it in ice water and reapply it to the bruise.

Step 2

If you do not notice the appearance of a bruise immediately, and it has already acquired a clear outline, and the swelling around it has subsided, start applying warming. Place a mustard plaster on your arm, leg, or other large space for 15 minutes. Hot salt or sand will do. Wrap whatever is close at hand in woolen cloth and place it over the bruise.

Step 3

Make a heating mesh a few hours before bed. Take regular iodine and soak a cotton swab in it, with which draw a small pattern on the bruise. After absorbing iodine, spread a thin layer of regular nourishing cream. This will contribute to the early disappearance of excess iodine from the skin.

Step 4

If you have any joint pain ointment at home, apply a small amount to the hematoma. These creams contain active substances that relieve tissue swelling, resolve bruises and have anti-inflammatory properties. After the first application, you will notice that the bruise is almost gone.

Step 5

Ordinary toothpaste containing menthol contributes well to the resorption of hematomas. Apply some paste to the bruise and wash off after 7-10 minutes with warm water. You can hold it for a little longer, but the paste can cause skin burns, so do not increase the exposure time on delicate parts of the body.

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