How To Paint Over Pimples

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How To Paint Over Pimples
How To Paint Over Pimples

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Acne has not been a topic of adolescence for a long time. Their appearance is associated with poor ecology, and with improper diet, and health problems, and perhaps this is just a poor condition of the skin of the face. While we are struggling with the appearance of acne and are engaged in eliminating this deficiency, there is a need to hide them with improvised means.

How to paint over pimples
How to paint over pimples

It is necessary

Greasy cream, concealer (corrective agent), foundation


Step 1

Apply a greasy cream to your face so that it softens the skin, and more specifically, the dry surface of problem areas.

Step 2

Take a concealer (corrector) and apply it to the areas you need. You do not need to smear it on the skin, but you should simply drive it in with light movements until you see that the problem areas are no longer visible. After applying, you need to wait until the concealer is dry and will no longer wear off.

Step 3

Take a foundation designed to hide imperfections and spread it over the entire surface of your skin. Thus, it creates a uniform texture of the face and the areas that you smeared on become invisible, like the pimples themselves.

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