How To Make Hair Thicker And Longer

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How To Make Hair Thicker And Longer
How To Make Hair Thicker And Longer

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The density of the hairstyle depends not only on the number of follicles located on the head, but also on the thickness of each hair. Therefore, you can make your hair thick, even if your relatives cannot boast of chic hairstyles. Don't think about genetic predisposition. In the case of hair, it can be circumvented by following some rules.

How to make hair thicker and longer
How to make hair thicker and longer

It is necessary

  • - vitamins;
  • -comb made of natural materials;
  • - hairdryer with cold air mode;
  • - a raw egg;
  • - onion;
  • - henna;
  • - rye bread crumb;
  • - professional hair masks.


Step 1

Start eating right. Try to eat fruits and vegetables regularly. Avoid fatty and fried foods. Hair health is directly dependent on our nutrition. If the body receives less nutrients, this very quickly affects the appearance. In winter, consume a complex of vitamins. Also, fish must be present in the diet.

Step 2

Brush your hair regularly with a natural brush. You need to do this for 5-10 minutes a day, massaging the scalp. This will improve blood circulation, which will ultimately help you create a thicker hairstyle. Never comb wet hair. This can damage their scales.

Step 3

Do not use hot air for drying. Better to let your hair dry naturally. If this option does not work for you, get a hairdryer that has a cold air mode.

Step 4

Use the same brand of shampoo and balm. Complementing each other, they will give the maximum result. Use a raw egg once a month instead of your usual remedies. It can remove dirt and grease just as well as professional products. And the amino acids found in the egg improve hair growth.

Step 5

Apply nourishing masks regularly. You can use folk methods or purchase professional products. There are many recipes that will help you grow long and thick hair.

Step 6

Chop the onion and squeeze the juice out. It will need to be applied to the hair for at least 2 hours. If possible, leave this mask for a longer period. Then wash your hair with shampoo and apply balm. And at the end of the procedure, rinse your head with lemon juice to remove the unpleasant odor.

Step 7

Use medicated henna if your hair is not dyed. You can not add a few drops of essential oil. And instead of water for breeding, take a decoction of medicinal herbs. Take 300 grams of rye bread crumb and pour boiling water over it. Let it brew for about an hour. Then rub the resulting gruel into your head. Put on an insulating hood. You need to keep this mask for 30-40 minutes.

Step 8

Choose professional hair masks that contain burdock, pepper, or nettle extracts. These ingredients contribute not only to health but also to intense hair growth.

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