How To Shrink A Large Nose

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How To Shrink A Large Nose
How To Shrink A Large Nose

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The nose is the central part of the face. It gives personality to the features, forms a unique image of each person. But, unfortunately, many are, to one degree or another, dissatisfied with its shape or size. What if your nose seems too big for you?

How to shrink a large nose
How to shrink a large nose

It is necessary

  • - powder;
  • - bronzer;
  • - eyebrow pencil or dye.


Step 1

Use makeup to sculpt your face. To visually shrink your nose, apply a powder to your face to match your skin tone. Then, using a thick, soft brush and bronzer, darken the tip of the nose and its sides, highlight the line of the cheekbones. Gently blend the sharp lines of transition from one tone to another with your finger. If you don't have any powder on hand, use a foundation.

Step 2

Adjust the line of the eyebrows by giving them more curve and more defined contours. Highlight rare and strongly plucked eyebrows with a pencil, shadows, or special paint. When applying makeup, try to focus on them and on the eyes to divert attention from other facial features.

Step 3

Add volume to hair to visually reduce the proportions of the nose. Backbrush and high-top hairstyles. When styling your hair, avoid straight parting. If you can't imagine yourself without bangs, opt for elongated options that can be conveniently tucked away to one side.

Step 4

Try to shrink your nose with facial exercises. Carroll Maggio, a cosmetologist from the United States, in her book Aerobics for Skin and Facial Muscles, describes in detail the exercises that, in her opinion, can shorten and narrow the nose. Follow the recommendations of the author regularly and in addition to the promised result, you will get a good complexion and toned skin.

Step 5

If you are in a radical mood, go to a plastic surgery clinic. Talk to your doctor about the risks and potential consequences of nose-shrinking surgery. Be prepared for the fact that the result of a brilliantly performed rhinoplasty may not satisfy you and the procedure will have to be repeated.

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