How To Grow Your Hair Color

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How To Grow Your Hair Color
How To Grow Your Hair Color

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Every woman dreams of having healthy, thick and shiny hair of a natural color - this is especially true for those who have weakened their hair with constant dyes and haircuts. These treatments make hair thinner and weaker and require treatment and care. By following a number of recommendations, you can restore the health of your hair and help it grow faster to regain its natural color.

How to grow your hair color
How to grow your hair color


Step 1

Be patient - hair does not grow instantly. Each person has a predisposition to the rate of hair growth and its natural density - you will not be able to increase the growth rate set by nature, but often people cannot achieve this rate due to improper hair care and a lack of vitamins.

Step 2

To maximize hair growth, drink vitamins (especially calcium), eat healthily with more dairy products, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Step 3

Depression and stress can seriously affect hair health. Avoid stress and anxiety - keep a positive outlook on life and learn to relax, not letting unnecessary worries into your life.

Step 4

To strengthen hair and accelerate its growth, use special products - for example, a homemade kefir mask. Warm up low-fat kefir and apply to hair and scalp. Keep the mask on your hair for an hour by wrapping your head in a plastic bag and towel. Then rinse off the mask and apply conditioner to your hair. Repeat the procedure regularly and after a month you will start to notice results.

Step 5

Also, pepper tincture, which can be bought at the pharmacy, has a beneficial effect on hair growth. The tincture is burning, so observe safety precautions when applying it and protect your eyes, and wear rubber gloves. The pepper tincture improves blood circulation in the scalp, which means it stimulates hair growth.

Step 6

Do not forget to massage your head - if you do it regularly, your hair will grow faster. Use combs made of wood and natural bristles. They massage the scalp well and do not injure the hair. In order not to ruin your hair while brushing, start brushing it from the ends, going down to the roots.

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