How To Get The Right Haircut

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How To Get The Right Haircut
How To Get The Right Haircut

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Video: How To Get The Right Haircut
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A professional haircut cannot but be the main element of a stylish look. Business or feminine, soft or fatal - a woman herself creates her own individual image, characteristic of her sensuality and inner world. But to choose an appropriate haircut, taking into account all its features, is a whole art.

How to get the right haircut
How to get the right haircut


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The main component of a stylish hairstyle is, undoubtedly, comprehensive care of your hair and the correct selection of haircuts. Choosing a haircut obliges you to take into account a lot of factors and characteristics of the person himself. The main factors are location and climatic predispositions. It is clear that a woman living in a metropolis and a woman living in a small town will have different hairstyles. The same applies when it comes to living in northern and southern countries, with dry or humid air. Moreover, the haircut is taken into account based on the characteristics of the face shape, height, body type, and, of course, the characteristics of the hair itself.

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Hair is thick, thin, weak or coarse, like horse hair; sometimes a woman does not have enough time for hairstyles and she prefers to cut her hair short, sometimes a woman with beautiful long and curly hair dreams of straight and short ones. In general, there are many factors, and it is necessary to pay attention to each of them.

Step 3

When choosing haircuts, they are based on five types of face shapes: oval (considered the ideal shape), round, rectangular, square and triangular. For an oval face type, a lot of different haircuts are suitable, you can work with both short and long hair. Asymmetrical haircuts are also suitable for such a face.

Step 4

For a round face, a fluffy hairstyle, side parting or bangs are suitable. The main rule is to lengthen the round face, not round it even further.

Step 5

A haircut can add extra width and roundness to a rectangular face, long bangs and curling are suitable here.

Step 6

With a square type of face, the ears are slightly opened, asymmetric bangs and side partings are used.

Step 7

When a woman has a triangular face shape, it is possible to advantageously express the contrast between wide cheekbones and a narrow chin, usually with a short haircut.

Step 8

A factor such as age also affects the choice of haircuts and hairstyles. There are haircuts that visually rejuvenate, there are those that give a woman a strict, businesslike and, in general, an "adult" look. If, for example, her hair is long and thin, a young girl can afford to pull her hair into a ponytail. For middle-aged women, this hairstyle is more likely to age than to rejuvenate.

Step 9

As a result, each haircut has its own tasks: masking imperfections in the shape of the face, creating a new image, a tribute to fashion, and even displaying the strengths of the personality sometimes cannot do without a vivid image with a characteristic haircut or hairstyle.