How To Make Lush Hair

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How To Make Lush Hair
How To Make Lush Hair

Lush and voluminous hair is what every woman dreams of. A fluffy hairstyle attracts attention, makes you more beautiful and sexy. How to achieve the effect of extra volume if your hair is not natural?

Lush hairstyle attracts attention, makes you more beautiful and sexy
Lush hairstyle attracts attention, makes you more beautiful and sexy


Step 1

Use volumizing shampoos, toners and hair masks. Today, stores offer a wide range of products that increase volume and revitalize hair.

Step 2

To make your hair fuller at the roots, periodically change the location of the parting. If you always wear the same parting, the hair around it lies flat and does not rise up.

Step 3

When applying mousses and styling foams to your hair, lightly dry damp hair - this enhances its effect. Blow dry against hair growth, directing a stream of warm air in different directions.

Step 4

If your hair is thin and light, do not use gel or wax to shape your hair. These products will make your hair heavier and duller, so use special sprays and spray lacquers to maintain the volume and shape of your hair, directing the stream from the bottom up.

Step 5

The more often you wash your hair, the fuller and fuller your hair will appear. This is especially true for thin and weak hair, which gets dirty faster than thick and strong.

Step 6

When purchasing various hair products, make sure that they are as light as possible in composition and consistency, without overloading the hair.

Step 7

Try some light highlights with your stylist. The highlighted strand slightly changes its structure and helps, in this regard, to maintain the splendor of the hair.

Step 8

Use a hair dryer with a diffuser. Using the diffuser on damp hair will create light curls and volume.

Step 9

Volume can be achieved by tying the hair in a ponytail at the crown of your head before bed. Remove the elastic in the morning - the hair at the roots will rise beautifully.

Step 10

You can also, after light drying with a hairdryer, curl your hair with wide and thick curlers and fix the effect with a spray to fix the volume.

Step 11

Use the round brush and hair dryer to style different strands with ends in and ends out. The hairstyle will appear more luxuriant. You can also pull the strands of hair upward while drying, and then spray the roots with a spray.