How To Look Younger For A Man

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How To Look Younger For A Man
How To Look Younger For A Man

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Usually women are concerned about the issue of eternal youth. But sometimes the thought of how to look more youthful comes to men as well. The desire to look younger can be associated with a profession, changes in personal life, or having younger friends. And just with the desire to bring your image in line with self-awareness, and not with the number in the passport. What can you do to look younger?

How to look younger for a man
How to look younger for a man


Step 1

Change your lifestyle. Go in for sports - preferably in the fresh air, to invigorate your body and mind. Take a contrast shower, wash your face with cold water - this refreshes the skin and increases its tone. Include vitamins and fresh vegetables in your diet, give up bad habits. Only people who do not care about the future can afford a daily bottle or two. You are not on your way with them.

Step 2

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. If the reflection doesn't make you happy, think about the reasons. Has your hair taken on an unattractive “pepper and salt” shade? Buy a good paint designed specifically for men - it perfectly hides gray hair and looks natural. Get rid of bags under your eyes - they make your face look tired and unhealthy. Try cold compresses. If there is no positive result, consider possible surgery. Excision of eye hernias is not too difficult and gives good results - provided that you see qualified doctors.

Step 3

Lose a few extra pounds. You will look more fit, you will feel better, and your gait will be easier. Sign up for a gym - pumping up your arm muscles and strengthening your flaccid abs will not hurt. If you practice regularly, in six months your figure will be the envy of many "office boys" who are suitable for your sons.

Step 4

Be sure to visit your dentist. A snow-white smile and fresh breath are a sign of youth. Take the money to put your teeth in order.

Step 5

Rate your style. If you wear long hair, consider if it's time to change your look. Get a stylish short haircut - you will immediately look younger. Is your hair thinning? Do not sign up for a hair transplant or comb the remnants over the crown of your head in a fruitless attempt to mask the gaps. Shave your head. You will surprise your friends and family, but very soon you will receive compliments from others. Plus, many women find this look not only youthful, but sexy as well!

Step 6

Change your wardrobe. Eliminate shabby, faceless, overly grown-up clothing - cheap crumpled suits, matted sweaters, beige plaited shoes, heavy, bulky coats, and other signs of aging men. Do not go to the other extreme - the image of an eternal student or a frequenter of rock festivals is not your age either. Your choice is high-quality clothes that emphasize advantages and delicately hide flaws. If you have blue eyes, wear blue shirts and neckerchiefs, accentuate your athletic figure with short jackets and classic jeans. If you are not sure about your taste, contact store consultants - they will make suitable sets, and you will choose the ones that you like.

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