How To Remove A Corn

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How To Remove A Corn
How To Remove A Corn

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Corn is a problem that not only causes discomfort, but also looks extremely unaesthetic. Calluses appear due to wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes, as well as due to neglect of the legs. If left untreated, calluses can cause an inflammatory process that makes walking much more difficult. Eliminate the cause of the blisters, cure them, and they will not bother you anymore.

Well-groomed legs without calluses are a real adornment of any woman
Well-groomed legs without calluses are a real adornment of any woman


Step 1

Hard calluses, the so-called corns, should be removed with a dry hardware pedicure. This is done in a special office using an apparatus with abrasive nozzles of various grain sizes. If the corn is old and deep, then it will not be possible to remove it at once. You will need to carry out several procedures, combining them with home treatment.

Step 2

It is impossible to cut the corn with a sharp object - the risk of infection increases dramatically. It is better to use proven folk recipes. Most often, they are aimed at softening the corn, followed by mechanical removal with a pumice stone or a foot grater.

Step 3

The easiest way: steam your feet in a bowl of hot water with baking soda and soap. After 40 minutes, the legs are taken out and wiped off. If your corn is shallow, it is not advisable to rub it with abrasive materials. Combining steaming with dry pedicure, you will notice that after 5-7 treatments your soles will become soft.

Step 4

To remove deep calluses, special formulations are used to exfoliate and soften the skin of the callus. It can be a keratolytic ointment or gel. From folk remedies, an application with aloe gruel is very effective. First, the legs are steamed, then the gruel is applied to the corn and fixed with a bandage. This application should last on the leg for 1 day, after which it is unwound, and the softened corn is scraped off. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Step 5

At night, you can tie a lemon cut in half, a gruel from raw potatoes to the corn. Before applying any application, you need to smear the skin around the callus with a protective cream or petroleum jelly. In the morning, the application is removed and the place of the callus is cleaned.

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