How To Determine The Size Of The Bust

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How To Determine The Size Of The Bust
How To Determine The Size Of The Bust

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The question of bust size can drive any man into a corner. The maximum that he can do when choosing a gift for his soul mate is to depict the approximate size of the breast with his hands. However, as polls show, not only men, but also women in most cases find it difficult to answer the question about breast size. But it is so simple to define it, once and for all!

How to determine the size of the bust
How to determine the size of the bust

It is necessary

  • - centimeter
  • - time


Step 1

If you do not want to get into awkward situations when choosing lingerie, you need to use a simple algorithm to calculate the size of the bust. For this we need a centimeter and some free time.

Step 2

First of all, measure the circumference under the bust with a centimeter. For the girth, the average value is taken, for example, from 67 to 72 cm - the average value is 70, from 73 to 77 cm - 75, from 78 to 82 cm - 80, from 83 to 87 cm - 85, from 88 to 92 cm - 90, from 93 to 97 cm - 95, from 98 to 102 cm - 100.

Step 3

Then you need to re-arm yourself with a centimeter and measure the coverage of the bust at the most protruding point. Subtract the previous result from the resulting figure. Thus, we determine the fullness of the bra cup and the final size of the bust. If the difference is from 10 to 11 cm, then your size is AA or zero, from 12 to 13 cm - A or the first, from 13 to 15 cm - B or second, from 15 to 17 cm - C or third, from 18 to 20 cm - D or fourth, 20 to 22 cm - DD or fifth, 23 to 25 cm - E or sixth, 26 to 28 cm - F or sixth with a plus.

Step 4

Please note that manufacturers of foreign underwear, for example from France or Italy, use a different system for calculating the size of the bust. The girth under the bust is subtracted from the volume of the breast along the nipples, and then the result is divided by 6.

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