How To Make A Butterfly

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How To Make A Butterfly
How To Make A Butterfly

Video: How To Make A Butterfly

Video: How To Make A Butterfly
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To make the interior of your living room, kitchen or nursery have a light, airy summer look, you can decorate it with cute butterflies!

How to make a butterfly
How to make a butterfly


Step 1

A butterfly can be made out of cardboard. Cardboard is suitable for both white and colored. You can use a stencil by placing it on top of the cardboard and circle it, and then cut out the finished butterfly. Or you can draw by hand with a pencil - draw a small body, wings, a head with antennae, in general, as your fantasy tells you, and cut it out with scissors.

Then the butterfly needs to be painted.

If you used white cardboard, then paint the butterfly with bright colors, for example, red, orange, blue, crimson, green, add a little black in the head area, you can draw simple patterns on the wings - circles, curls, stripes. You can use any paints, the simplest ones - gouache, acrylic, even nail polish.

If you used colored cardboard, then the butterfly can be left in a solid color. But in order to somehow embellish it - sprinkle glitter on the wings, or smear in some places with glitter nail polish.

And the final moment, so that your butterfly can attach to something, glue double-sided tape on the middle of the butterfly's body, on the back side, and then you can attach the butterfly to any place - on the wall, closet, door, wherever you want.

Step 2

Likewise, you can make a butterfly out of a plastic bottle. A one and a half liter bottle works well. It is easy to cut with scissors. You can also paint such a butterfly with acrylic paint or nail polish, sprinkle with sparkles or glue rhinestones.

Step 3

You can also make a butterfly out of wire and fabric. To do this, you need to make the frame of the wings from wire, by bending it, cover the frame with a light translucent fabric (translucent fabric so that the butterfly looks more airy). For the body of a butterfly, you need cotton wool, which must be rolled up in the form of a small thick "worm", and wrapped with the same cloth as the wings. Draw eyes on the butterfly's body, in front, with a thin marker (this will be the head). Then glue the body or sew on top of the wings. Antennae can be made of wire, can be straight, or can be slightly rounded. Glue sparkles, rhinestones, beads, beautiful stones on the wings. You can attach a butterfly with a pin or a needle, for example, to a curtain, and to a hard surface with double-sided tape.

You can make such funny butterflies with your own hands. They will enliven your interior and add a special aura and atmosphere to your home!