How To Remove Stains On The Body

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How To Remove Stains On The Body
How To Remove Stains On The Body

Video: How To Remove Stains On The Body

Video: How To Remove Stains On The Body
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If you have spots on your skin, this is not a problem that you can ignore. Perhaps they arose due to some kind of external influences, for example, from the sun or friction, but they may also indicate some kind of internal malfunction in the body. Therefore, before you start using all sorts of means to remove them, try to understand the reason for their appearance, because it depends on this how effective the measures you are taking will be.

How to remove stains on the body
How to remove stains on the body


Step 1

If there is no apparent reason, it is best to seek professional advice. If the origin of the spots is associated with some internal diseases, for example, diseases of the liver, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, gonads, nervous system, etc., the removal of spots will occur in conjunction with the treatment of the underlying disease.

Step 2

Eliminate the possibility of skin exposure to factors such as excessive ultraviolet radiation. Use sunscreen, products that suppress the production of melatonin, cosmetics with retinol, arbutin, vitamin C. Cosmetics should contain vegetable oils with UV filters.

Step 3

Stains can be removed with a variety of bleaching agents. For example, you can lubricate them twice a day with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide (50 g 3% solution) and ammonia (2 g). A cotton swab with this mixture is applied for a quarter of an hour on the age spot.

Step 4

Sufficiently effective means of skin whitening are juices of lemon, red currant, onion, grapefruit and sauerkraut. A napkin soaked in these juices is applied to the stains for a quarter of an hour. Another way: bleach stains with a mixture of equal parts vinegar, lemon juice and water. White clay, parsley, cucumber juice improve skin color.

Step 5

You can try to wipe acne spots with a tincture of St. John's wort. It is prepared from 2 tablespoons of dry herb and a glass of alcohol. The medicine should be infused for 10 days in a dark place, and then used every day for rubbing.

Step 6

Along with the effect of various cosmetics on the spots, do not forget about replenishing the body with vitamins of groups A, PP, C and enzymes, which play a significant role in ensuring the correct pigmentation of the skin.

Step 7

You can get rid of pigmentation in cosmetology clinics, where they apply:

-Chemical peeling based on fruit acids, which removes cells with excessive pigmentation and stimulates the formation of a new layer of the skin.

-Cryodestruction, during which the surface layer of the skin is frozen with liquid nitrogen. Some time after the procedure, the surface of the skin with spots darkens and is rejected. This method is considered the most effective in the case of age spots.

Laser treatment, when a directed light wave destroys excess melanin in the upper layers of the skin.

Dermabrasion, which is similar in result to other methods (here, too, the top layer of the skin is carefully removed and the regeneration of new tissues is stimulated).

-Photorejuvenation - the warming effect of light energy on the skin.

After applying cosmetic methods of removing stains, you should exclude the sun's rays on the treated skin surface: cover these areas of the body with clothes and apply appropriate creams within two weeks.