How To Make Your Hair Look Fuller

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How To Make Your Hair Look Fuller
How To Make Your Hair Look Fuller

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Hair from nature is different for all people, not every girl gets a luxurious thick head of hair. But, using various means, combining them with careful styling, you can achieve an excellent result.

How to make your hair look fuller
How to make your hair look fuller

It is necessary

  • - a series of products for adding volume to hair;
  • - mousse and hair gel;
  • - diffuser nozzle;
  • - natural oils and products for masks.


Step 1

Always use only cosmetics that are suitable for your hair type. Cosmetic products with the word "volume" in the name contain additives that make hair thicker and increase its volume.

Step 2

Silicone envelops each hair, covering it with a special film. A series of products with silicone will leave hair silky, shiny and voluminous. But to maintain this illusion, your hair will need to be washed every day.

Step 3

The proteins and keratins contained in another series of products strengthen and nourish the hair to the ends. Your hair is composed of these substances, so this product will not harm it. Look for silikon free on the packaging to recognize quality shampoo and volumizing balm.

Step 4

Use a styling mousse that can do wonders for fine hair. Wash your hair, apply a small amount of the product to the hair roots. Distribute the mousse evenly, lower your head and blow-dry your hair using your fingers.

Step 5

The super strong hold gel will keep your hair lush and voluminous.

Step 6

Some haircuts allow you to achieve the desired volume of hair. For example, a medium length with ragged edges and bangs is fine for fine hair. Bob will help out the owner of the "liquid" hair. All stepped and layered haircuts add visual volume to the hair.

Step 7

You can achieve thicker hair with artificial hair extensions. They are worn for up to six months, creating a whole mane of luxurious curls. No special care is required for your artificial hair, just use your regular shampoo.

Step 8

Modern highlighting with highlights will give the hair liveliness and visually increase the volume. Use the diffuser attachment to dry your hair and add volume to your hair.

Step 9

Try making special masks to add volume to your hair according to folk recipes. They make hair thicker and nourish it with essential nutrients. Take equal parts of plantain, chamomile and nettle. Brew a tablespoon of these herbs with one and a half cups of boiling water. Let the broth sit for about two hours. Strain this mixture through cheesecloth and add the crumb of rye bread to it. Spread the mask over the entire length of the hair. Cover your head with a plastic bag and a thick terry towel. Keep the mask for 40-60 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

Step 10

The oil mask will saturate and heal every hair, make it thicker. Prepare one part olive oil and nine parts sea buckthorn oil, mix them together. Rub the resulting mask into the hair roots. Cover your head with a plastic bag. After 40-60 minutes, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Step 11

To achieve the visual effect of thicker hair, use these masks 2 times a week for three months.

Step 12

For normal, fine and weak hair, you can make another mask. Take a tablespoon each of castor oil and olive oil. Add a teaspoon of shampoo to these. Spread the resulting mass over the entire length of the hair. Cover your head with a plastic bag and a towel. After about an hour, wash off the mask with warm water.

Step 13

For dry to fine hair, mix together a teaspoon each of glycerin and vinegar, an egg and two tablespoons of castor oil. Apply the mask to the hair, rubbing thoroughly into the roots. Keep your head warm, so swap out a cold towel for a warm one. After 40 minutes, wash your hair with a mild egg shampoo.

Step 14

Oily hair needs special treatment, it does not need additional weight and oil. Mix teaspoons of agave juice, lemon juice and honey. Apply the resulting mixture to damp hair. Cover your head with a warm towel. After half an hour, rinse your hair with warm water. This blend will remove excess oil from the hair and lift the roots, which will add volume to the hairstyle.

Step 15

Try moisturizing masks. Heat kefir or curdled milk to 37 degrees and distribute through hair. Cover your head with a plastic bag and warm towel. After half an hour, reapply this product to your hair and massage your head for a few minutes. After that, the hair should be rinsed with warm water. Moisture-infused hair is firmer and shinier, making it easy to maintain volume.

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