How To Wash A Wig

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How To Wash A Wig
How To Wash A Wig

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To maintain the long and natural beauty of a wig, proper and timely care is required. One way to achieve this is to wash the item occasionally. It needs a process when it takes on a specific smell or looks dirty.

How to wash a wig
How to wash a wig


Step 1

When caring for a wig made from natural or synthetic hair, you must use neutral products (mild shampoo, rinse and fixative varnish). The product should be washed no more than 1-2 times every three months.

Before the procedure, comb it with a comb or comb, starting from the ends of the hair and gradually working up to the roots. Part matted hair gently. For curly or frizzy curls, use your fingers to smooth out curls, not a comb.

Step 2

To wash a wig made of artificial hair, dissolve a small amount of shampoo in a liter of water at room temperature and place the product completely in the solution for 10 minutes. Then rinse it thoroughly and gently in cool water and wrap it in a towel and wring it out gently. Use a balm or conditioner similarly.

Step 3

When washing a natural hair wig, dampen it with warm water and apply shampoo to the wig, lightly stroking the curls from the roots to the ends. After that, rinse your hair several times with the same water until the product is completely removed.

Apply the balm or conditioner to them using the same strokes as you would with shampooing. Rinse your wig with warm water if necessary.

Step 4

After washing, wrap the product in a towel. It will absorb excess moisture. Do not curl your hair or rub your wig. Dry your hair naturally at room temperature or with a hair dryer using cold air.

Comb the dry wig from the roots, starting at the ends of the hair. Do not brush against the base of the wig with the comb.

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