How To Remove Pimples On Hands

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How To Remove Pimples On Hands
How To Remove Pimples On Hands

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If you have acne on your hands, you should first visit a medical institution, since there may be several reasons for their appearance, both dermatological and internal. It is possible to be treated effectively only when you are examined and establish the exact cause of the disease.

How to remove pimples on hands
How to remove pimples on hands


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Sometimes acne is hereditary. For example, when the process of keratinization of cells (dyskeratosis, etc.) is disturbed, areas of the skin are covered with small nodules of red or pink color. It will not be possible to completely destroy them, but in order to soften and then remove these horny scales, you must regularly lubricate the skin with vegetable oil or fat, and after half an hour wash with warm water with soap and a brush. It is a good idea to rub your skin with sand, bran, or some kind of scrub. For skin care products, antibacterial and exfoliating creams and gels can help you.

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A shower with tar soap helps a lot. Among folk remedies, the most common are also lubricating the skin with a tea tree solution, rinsing with a pink solution of potassium permanganate, and drying with baby powder.

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The reason for the appearance of acne may be a lack of vitamins of groups B and A, C, E. In this case, use either a ready-made complex of vitamins or introduce foods with a high content of them into your diet. Lubricate the affected skin areas at night with a cream that contains vitamins A and E.

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Acne can be the result of infection, skin lesions by pathogenic bacteria and parasitic fungi. What kind of means should be used in this case, a dermatologist will advise you - these can be ointments containing either antibiotics or antifungal substances. In addition to using these medicated ointments, try to be outdoors as often as possible and do not forget about good beauty care. Be sure to use scrubs and moisturizers that nourish your skin with fatty acids and help restore its healthy appearance.

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Wearing synthetic clothing that is breathable and does not absorb sweat contributes to skin inflammation and acne, which is an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. In addition, synthetics can also cause allergic reactions on the skin. Get rid of these clothes and the pimples may come off as well.

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A rash on the hands in the form of small reddish pimples can form under the influence of solar activity. To soothe your skin and speed it up, try applying baby cream alternately to acne or taking a bath with this herb.

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Pimples on the shoulders and arms can be caused by food allergies. If this turns out to be the case, change your diet, take an allergy medication, and soothe your skin with baby cream.

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