How To Make Hair Thick And Shiny

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How To Make Hair Thick And Shiny
How To Make Hair Thick And Shiny

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Every woman dreams of having beautiful thick and shiny hair, but not everyone is given this by nature. In addition, modern ecology also does not add health to hair. Therefore, a modern woman should carefully consider her curls to help them look beautiful and well-groomed.

How to make hair thick and shiny
How to make hair thick and shiny


Step 1

First, decide on your hair type. It is easy to do this: dry hair gets tangled when combing and splits at the ends, but their owner does not have to worry about the cleanliness of her curls for a long time. Oily hair becomes unkempt within a day or two and acquires a characteristic shine. Girls with long hair most often have mixed hair. At the roots, such hair quickly becomes oily, but the ends are dull and split. Normal hair shines beautifully in the sun, does not require frequent washing and additional moisturizing procedures, and, unfortunately, are rare.

Step 2

Choose the right shampoos and rinses for your hair type. It is best to take shampoo liquid and transparent - it will not contain additional dyes. When choosing a balm or rinse, pay attention to the composition: preference should be given to the one that contains more natural ingredients. But it's better not to take a shampoo suitable for any type of hair.

Step 3

Do not hesitate to use grandma's recipes. For example, if you want to add shine to your hair, rinse it with beer. For adherents of a sober lifestyle, the following recipe is suitable: add a tablespoon of lemon juice to a liter of boiled water. Thin hair can be strengthened by washing with sour milk. And pamper oily hair with nettle decoction (add two tablespoons of chamomile decoction to a liter of nettle decoction).

Step 4

Watch your diet. The condition of teeth, skin, hair, general condition of the body - all this largely depends on the food you eat. To strengthen your hair, eat more seafood, nuts, herbs, eggs, cabbage. These products contain vitamins A, B6 and zinc, which are essential for thick and shiny hair.

Step 5

Take care of your hair. Once every one to two months, remove split ends, do not use a hairdryer too often, and allow your hair to take a break from varnishes and mousses at least occasionally. Your curls will surely thank you with their beautiful look.

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