How To Get Rid Of Goose Bumps

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How To Get Rid Of Goose Bumps
How To Get Rid Of Goose Bumps

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A cosmetic defect in the form of "goose bumps" in various parts of the body is a lot of trouble - you have to wear closed clothes, and if you need to open these areas, a person begins to experience complexes. Follicular keratosis can be treated at home.

How to get rid of goose bumps
How to get rid of goose bumps


Step 1

Replenish the lack of vitamins. The appearance of "goose bumps" can be the result of vitamin deficiency, in particular, a lack of vitamins A and C, so enrich your diet - include blueberries, carrots with sour cream (for better absorption), citrus fruits, black currants, etc. Lack of vitamin D can cause goose bumps in cold weather, so exposure to sunlight in warm weather is necessary - sunbathe, visit a solarium.

Step 2

Visit a bathhouse or sauna. Under the influence of hot steam, skin pores expand, blood circulation increases, and contrast combinations accelerate metabolism. It is useful to apply a warming cream to problem areas before the steam room and perform a massage.

Step 3

Cleanse your skin with harsh scrubs. You can use ready-made formulations that contain active ingredients that act intensively and quickly. At home, you can make a coffee or salt scrub and treat goose bumps after a bath or shower. After the procedure, wash off the composition and lubricate the skin with an emollient.

Step 4

Take a pine extract bath. Take a bath of hot water (37-38 ° C), add 50 grams of pine extract and soak in it for half an hour. After the procedure, the skin will be smoothed - it needs to be lubricated with a fatty nutrient. If you add potato starch or a decoction of oatmeal to the bath, the effectiveness of the procedure will increase.

Step 5

Get a massage. Regular massage will help reduce the number of pimples and smooth the skin - use essential oils, fatty creams, special massage rollers.

Step 6

Use exfoliation. After a bath or sauna, it is useful to do exfoliating procedures - peels with fruit acids, enzymes, salt or sugar have an intense effect on the skin, smoothing it and removing dead scales.

Step 7

Do wraps. The result of the wraps is deep hydration and nourishment of the skin. It is good to perform the procedure after cleansing the skin with scrubs and peels. The ideal material for wrapping is algae (nourishing effect), cranberries (active hydration), grapes (relaxation and saturation with microelements), chocolate.

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