How To Choose Diamond Rings

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How To Choose Diamond Rings
How To Choose Diamond Rings
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Since ancient times, diamond rings have been used as engagement rings, symbolizing the seriousness of the applicant's feelings. The diamond is one of the most expensive stones to be inserted into jewelry. Fashion for this stone never goes away, and jewelry with it is suitable for both a business woman and a young girl.

How to choose diamond rings
How to choose diamond rings

It is necessary

10x magnifier, sandpaper


Step 1

When purchasing a diamond ring, you should pay attention to a number of characteristics that speak about the quality of the stone.

Step 2

The cut is of great importance. Thus, a diamond with a round cut "plays" more strongly in the light, but at the same time such a stone is much more expensive than its counterparts in a fancy cut, which are inferior in sparkle intensity. However, fancy cut diamonds highlight the attractiveness of their shapes, and the name of the cut will leave few people indifferent: "marquis", "princess", "heart", etc.

Step 3

Look at the stone more closely, it should not have any spots or other imperfections. If it is impossible to consider the shortcomings with the help of a tenfold increase, then such a diamond is considered a great rarity and is of high quality, which affects its value.

Step 4

The color of the stone also affects the price. Thus, diamonds with a predominantly yellow tint are less valuable than colorless stones with a high degree of clarity and transparency. But there are diamonds of rare colors - brown, black, pink, blue, etc. Such stones are very expensive.

Step 5

The weight of a diamond, of course, matters when comparing stones of the same characteristics. Whereas a small stone, but more perfect than a large diamond, will cost much more than the latter.

Step 6

But do not forget that, first of all, a diamond ring is purchased in order to emphasize the beauty of its owner's hands. And in this case it is worth taking a closer look at them. The length of the fingers, the shape and fullness of the palm, all this should be taken into account when purchasing a ring.

Step 7

If it is necessary to visually reduce the width of the palm, it is worth purchasing elongated jewelry, this will make the fingers longer. For these purposes, marquise-cut stones or an elongated, fading pear cut are suitable.

Step 8

Holders of thin fingers should buy rings, the stones in which are made in the cut of an oval, "plump" pear or "marquise". Round cut diamonds will also look very attractive, especially if the ring's setting itself is interesting.

Step 9

A large, tiered ring will look great on a woman's hand with a large palm, but on a small one it will look too bulky.

Step 10

Rings with a stone of more than 10 carats are more suitable for owners of large hands, and rings with small diamonds weighing 1-2 carats and with scatter of small stones should be worn on graceful hands.

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