How To Apply Cream Powder

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How To Apply Cream Powder
How To Apply Cream Powder

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Good makeup cannot be imagined without foundation or the more versatile powder cream. It combines the masking properties of foundation and the “fixing” - makeup powder. Thus, the effect of "freshness" of the makeup is ensured throughout the day. In addition, manufacturers include components that protect the skin from the influence of the external environment in the composition of modern cream powder. High-quality makeup largely depends on compliance with the rules for applying this product.

The powder cream will help make your skin look more perfect
The powder cream will help make your skin look more perfect


Step 1

The first step is to cleanse your face with a special product suitable for your skin type. It is not recommended to apply cream powder on skin with very wide pores. She will give them even more relief.

Step 2

Apply a moisturizer to your face, blot excess with a damp cloth. You should wait 5-10 minutes until the cream is completely absorbed.

Step 3

Wear a special bandage or scarf to reveal your face as much as possible. Make sure that the place where you apply your makeup is as bright as possible. Do not put cream powder on your neck and décolleté unless you are going to spend the whole day in an open dress.

Step 4

It is necessary to apply the cream powder in small portions. It is better to first drip the tone onto the back of your hand and spread it with your fingertips or a sponge. Match the tone of the cream powder to your skin tone. Movement during application should be light, airy, as if smoothing.

Step 5

First, apply the product to the middle of the forehead, then with light circular motions, beat it over the entire surface of the forehead, right down to the hair. Shade here especially carefully.

Step 6

In the same way, spread the cream powder from the temple down. Next, the cheeks, here the movement should be directed towards the ears. Gently, in small portions, from eyelids to eyebrows and under the eyes. It is recommended to apply the cream powder near the eyes with a brush - this will ensure a natural distribution, right down to the eyelashes. To give the cream powder an effect of greater durability, powder your face with loose powder, after irrigating your skin with thermal water.

Step 7

Apply a small amount to the wings of the nose and spread it over the entire surface of the nose. Carefully examine the result of the work in the mirror. The detected irregularities can be shaded with a sponge.

Step 8

The cream powder must be washed off before going to bed, using special means for washing. Rinse the sponge regularly, at least once a month.

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