How To Do A Brushed Hairstyle

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How To Do A Brushed Hairstyle
How To Do A Brushed Hairstyle

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Any hairstyle will look even more spectacular if it is given additional volume. You can make it with fleece, which has become so fashionable this season. The hairstyle will last longer and look more sophisticated.

Hairstyle with fleece
Hairstyle with fleece

It is necessary

Comb, hair spray


Step 1

Before combing your hair, wash and dry your hair. Backing up oily hair is not recommended because it will not adhere well. Blow dry your hair while tilting your head down. This will add volume to your hair.

Step 2

Backing is best done with a wide-toothed comb. Part your hair into sections. Start combing from the bottom strands, the top layer of hair should always remain intact. Backbrush gradually without lifting the comb too high. If you want to leave your hair loose, it will be enough to comb it on top of your head.

Step 3

Fix each section that you combed with hairspray so that the hairstyle lasts longer throughout the day. Then cover the bouffant with the topmost layer. Shape your hair to hide tangles. Then fix the result with hairspray.

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