How To Choose A Hairstyle For A Round Face

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How To Choose A Hairstyle For A Round Face
How To Choose A Hairstyle For A Round Face

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A well-chosen hairstyle hides flaws and emphasizes advantages. The hairstyle of the owner of a round face should visually reduce the cheeks and "stretch" the face, bringing it closer to an oval shape.

How to choose a hairstyle for a round face
How to choose a hairstyle for a round face

It is necessary

  • - hair spray;
  • - mousse;
  • - round brush;
  • - gel or wax for styling;
  • - camera;
  • - Printer;
  • - pencil.


Step 1

If you have long, straight hair, do not wear it loose, especially if it is thin and sparse. Straight strands will emphasize the roundness of the cheeks and face in general. Curl your hair with large curlers or a curling iron for messy curls. Comb them over the top of your head. Fix the resulting hairstyle with a nail polish for durability.

Step 2

Long lush, curly hair will visually round the face even more. Collect them in a bun or any other compact hairstyle.

Step 3

Long hair can also be styled in a high ponytail. Smooth temples and volume at the back of the head will balance the rounded cheeks.

Step 4

Short hair must be lifted at the crown, creating additional volume at the top of the head. To make the task easier, use a hair mousse and a small diameter round brush. If you have naturally lush hair, then you do not need to lift it, but, on the contrary, smooth it from the sides, above the ears, using a gel or hair wax.

Step 5

Hair of medium length, from the chin to the shoulders, is considered optimal for a round face. Combined with a graduated haircut, they allow you to do any style. Strands of different lengths in the face area hide the cheeks, and in the crown area they give the missing volume.

Step 6

If you have straight bangs, lift them up with a round brush, hair mousse or fleece and tuck them to one side. Smooth bangs that cover the forehead will accentuate the cheeks and round the face.

Step 7

If you can't find your own hairstyle, then look at the hairstyles of the stars with round faces and try to do the same with your own hair.

Step 8

In order to understand the best that came out.

Step 9

Upload your photo to one of the online hairstyle programs and find the one that best suits your face type.

Step 10

Ask a good stylist, he will not only do the styling, but perhaps dye and cut your hair for the best result.

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