How To Grow Sharp Nails

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How To Grow Sharp Nails
How To Grow Sharp Nails

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To create the image of a female predator, long sharp nails are perfect. An exquisite manicure will drive any man crazy. Sharp claws can be complemented with an exquisite pattern.

How to grow sharp nails
How to grow sharp nails


Step 1

To build up sharp nails, you can go to a salon, or, with some skill in working with acrylic, you can do this type of manicure at home. You need to start the procedure, as usual, with hand disinfection. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them. Treat your fingertips and nail plates with a disinfectant.

Step 2

Remove the top layer of natural nail to prevent flaking. This can be done using a regular nail file.

Step 3

Place a sharp mold on the nail plate and lay a thin, transparent acrylic backing on top of it.

Step 4

Apply a drawing to the base. What it will be is up to you. There are thousands of different nail designs. The classic option is solid nails in a color that matches your costume and jewelry. The main part of a complex pattern should be located at the base of a sharp nail, not at its tip. The tip of the nail can simply be left white. It is good to make a flower drawing or abstract lines.

Step 5

After drawing the various details of the pattern, cover the design with a layer of clear acrylic. File the nail gently to finalize it. Apply the finish gel and hold your hands under a UV lamp for two minutes.

Step 6

Admire the result. You can search the drawing in advance on the Internet, you can draw it yourself, or you can even ask a friend of the artist. Then your sharp claws will become a real work of art. Remember that long, sharp nails that you could spend a lot of money on designing are not very convenient to do your homework. Therefore, it is better to build up such a form directly on the eve of the event for which you decided to please yourself with a manicure. To protect your nails from damage longer, wear thin rubber gloves when doing any household chores.

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