How To Make Wedding Nail Designs

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How To Make Wedding Nail Designs
How To Make Wedding Nail Designs

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Wedding manicure is an obligatory item in preparing the bride for the celebration. You can go to the salon, call the master at home, or try to decorate your nails with your own hands. Making a nail design at home is a snap - you need tools, varnishes, nail art, and a little patience.

How to make wedding nail designs
How to make wedding nail designs

It is necessary

  • - varnish in pastel shades;
  • - opaque white varnish;
  • - leveling base;
  • - rhinestones and pearls;
  • - thin brush;
  • - golden or silver glitter.


Step 1

The bride's manicure can be avant-garde and shocking, or gentle and discreet - it all depends on her tastes and the chosen image. Rate your wedding dress and accessories and decide which design is right for you. With a classic fluffy dress with tulle skirts, French manicure or short nails with pastel varnish will look great. A more catchy design with contrasting colors or patterns will suit a spectacular short dress, and an unusual manicure with an aquarium design or voluminous compositions will suit a creative outfit.

Step 2

At home, the easiest way is to perform a classic bride's manicure. File your nails into the desired shape. Remove the cuticle by applying a special product and removing any residue with an orange tree stick. Cover the nail plate with a leveling base. Choose a polish to match your wedding dress. Milky, cream, light beige shades are suitable for ivory color, while light pink, dazzling white and silver shades are suitable for a snow-white toilet. Choose varnishes with a translucent, creamy texture - they will look the most natural.

Step 3

Apply the enamel of the chosen shade to the nails in two to three layers, depending on its density. One or two nails can be decorated by gluing to them as many rhinestones or pearls - depending on what the wedding dress is decorated with.

Step 4

If you are opting for a French manicure, please note that it will take longer. Prepare your nails and cover them with a leveling base. Take special strips and glue them on the nail, marking the boundaries of the free edge. Apply opaque white enamel to the ends, being gentle. Dry the coating and paint the entire nail with a translucent light varnish - cream, pale pink or soft white. Try to distribute it evenly, without streaks and streaks.

Step 5

Decorate with sparkles to make your manicure look festive and complete. Apply them on the border between the white tip and the main surface of the nail. Proceed gently with a thin brush. Golden glitter will suit a dress in warm colors, and silver will look great with an outfit in cold shades.

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