How To Apply Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes

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How To Apply Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes
How To Apply Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes

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Mysterious, warm and languid brown eyes make a woman unusually attractive. But in order to emphasize the beauty of dark golden eyes, you need to choose the right makeup color scheme and apply it correctly.

How to apply eye shadow for brown eyes
How to apply eye shadow for brown eyes

It is necessary

  • - brushes, applicators;
  • - shadows;
  • - black eyeliner;
  • - black mascara.


Step 1

Palette Take a look at yourself in the mirror. If you are a brown-eyed sultry brunette, then choose the following colors for eye makeup: brown, golden, black, silver, lilac. Brown-eyed blondes are suitable: sand, dark pink, beige, green. These are the main colors for makeup brown eyes. Various combinations of these shades are used to achieve the perfect golden eye make up.

Step 2

Technique Use a black pencil to make the eyes more mysterious, deepen the look and add luster to the lashes. Draw an arrow along the lash line on the upper eyelid with a black pencil. You can bring the tip out of the outer corner of the eye and choose a palette of eyeshadows that you will use. Remember that the color of the shadows should not fall into the color of the eyes, since their task is to set off, and not hide the "mirrors of the soul." Apply shadows, shading well the borders between the colors. At the same time, remember that usually the darkest shades are applied to the outer edge of the upper eyelid, and the lightest shades are applied to its inner corner. Another rule of makeup technique is to apply the base color first to the eyelids. Apply mascara. Carefully paint over each lash, not forgetting about those in the corners of the eyes.

Step 3

Occasion: Before applying makeup, think about what occasion and what time of day it is intended. If make up is daytime, then bright colors, an abundance of glitter and glamor are unacceptable. Daylight must be almost imperceptible, natural. Evening makeup should be bright. But do not forget that if the emphasis is on the eyes, then you should not emphasize the lips with bright lipstick. And vice versa. Another rule that will not allow you to make mistakes in choosing a palette and technique for makeup for brown eyes: imagine how your makeup will look in the light in which you will have to stay. If there is even the slightest doubt about the choice, then it is better to reconsider it.

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