How To Style Medium Hair

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How To Style Medium Hair
How To Style Medium Hair

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Medium length hair is exactly the universal option that suits absolutely everyone. On such hair, it is easiest to give free rein to imagination and at the same time look great! They can emphasize the individual features of your face, correct the shape, the main thing is to choose the right styling. Versatile, incredibly natural and suitable for almost everyone is the following hairstyle, which can be done quickly and easily on medium length hair.

Naturalness is one of the main advantages of such styling
Naturalness is one of the main advantages of such styling

It is necessary

Hair dryer, round hair brush, styling fixing products (mousse, light gel)


Step 1

Apply some mousse or gel to lightly towel-dried hair. Drying your hair does not mean rubbing it with a towel! Just blot off excess moisture and let them dry on their own.

Step 2

Equip yourself with a hairdryer and a round brush, and start drying your hair from a fairly large distance, lifting it at the roots and thereby creating the necessary volume. A trick for the lazy and appreciating even more naturalness: you can simply tilt your head down and dry your hair at the roots.

Step 3

Part your hair into strands and style the ends in different directions.

Step 4

Highlight individual curls with gel, accentuate the ends - your airy hairstyle is ready!

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