How To Do A Ponytail

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How To Do A Ponytail
How To Do A Ponytail

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The ponytail is the second most popular hairstyle after loose hair. This hairstyle is very convenient for playing sports, for going out into nature and is simply irreplaceable when the wind is outside. Many may think that the tail is trivial, however, today there are about 40 varieties of the "ponytail". This hairstyle can be both everyday and evening, and most importantly, it suits most women.

How to do your hair
How to do your hair

It is necessary

  • - Comb or brush
  • - thin elastic band or elastic band with hooks
  • - hairpin
  • - invisible
  • - hair straightener


Step 1

Wash your hair, blow dry. Dry your hair in such a way as to make the roots tight to the head itself. You can do this by brushing your hair in the direction of where the tail will be collected while drying.

Step 2

If your hair is curly, you can pull it out with an iron. To do this, take a hair straightener - gel, spray or cream. Apply the product to your hair and using a hair straightener, strand by strand, pull the hair out. This will keep your hair perfectly straight and smooth from root to tip.

Step 3

Gather hair at the base and secure with a thin, tight elastic band as high as possible. Wrap the gum itself with one strand, and secure its tip with an invisible one.

Step 4

The tail can be done from below (not on the crown). In this case, the hairstyle looks very stylish and businesslike. If, at the same time, you wind your hair on curlers, a curling iron or put it in a diffuser, then the hairstyle will look very sexy. You can tie the tail and the side. This option always looks fresh and youthful.

Step 5

To get a finished look, fix the bulging strands with invisibility or smooth with a hair styler. Apply a shine-effect hair product to the finished ponytail.

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