How To Choose A Foot Bath

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How To Choose A Foot Bath
How To Choose A Foot Bath
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A hydromassage for feet or a hot tub for feet is a great invention for those who are always pressed for time. A water procedure with a simultaneous massage session helps to relieve fatigue, cleanse the skin of the feet and get pleasure without unnecessary financial and time expenditures for visiting salons. The only thing left to do is to choose the whirlpool tub for your feet according to your own needs.

How to choose a foot bath
How to choose a foot bath


Step 1

When evaluating the variety of assortment of foot whirlpools, be guided by the size. Of course, a foot bath is not a washing machine or a refrigerator, but you still have to store it somewhere between uses. The whirlpool tub should be compact so as not to make it difficult to find a suitable place for it in the apartment.

Step 2

Considering that there are a lot of foot bath models, and the prices of different manufacturers differ insignificantly, choose the brand of the manufacturer that has already established itself as a quality product on the market. Do not be afraid to overpay the extra 100-200 rubles, because your safety and comfort are much more expensive.

Step 3

When choosing a bath, proceed from personal needs and preferences. All hydromassage foot baths include from two to eight types of massages, but at the same time differ in the way they affect the feet. Some baths work on the principle of vibration, others act on the feet mechanically, and still others use bubbles. What type of massage is more suitable - it's up to you to choose.

Step 4

If you need constant deep cleansing of the skin of your feet (for example, with a special type of work or excessive sweating), choose a cleansing spa for your feet, which is designed with special brushes and rollers. Such baths are taken with the addition of salt or soda for deeper cleansing.

Step 5

In the event that you get cold quickly enough, opt for a contrast massage bath. Changes in temperature due to the alternate supply of hot and cold water will provide a kind of hardening, make the body stronger and more resilient. The interval of exposure to water of a particular temperature is on average up to 10 seconds.

Step 6

Toning foot baths help relieve fatigue. They improve the functioning of the blood vessels in the skin of the feet. In addition, in the oriental currents of massage art, it is generally accepted that projections of all human internal organs are located at certain points on the feet. The impact on these points improves the functioning of the body. Toning baths are taken with the addition of salts or essential oils.

Step 7

Healing foot baths are a good way to fight colds and a good way to prevent it. They are suitable during the cold season. Increase the temperature of the water, add dry mustard or coniferous essential oils to not only warm your feet, but also breathe in the healing scent. In such baths, the massage rollers are designed in such a way as to optimally affect the projection points of the respiratory system.

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