How To Change Eye Color

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How To Change Eye Color
How To Change Eye Color

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If earlier the color of the eyes was considered something unchanged and given by nature, today you can at any time not only change the color of the eyes, but also make it absolutely fantasy and unnatural. You can change your eye color both for a long time and for a specific holiday, party or carnival. An easy and affordable way to change the color of your eyes is with colored contact lenses, a large assortment of which is available in various optical stores.

How to change eye color
How to change eye color


Step 1

Colored lenses can be either corrective or simple - the latter option is suitable for people with good eyesight who just want to change their eye color.

Step 2

Think about what color you want and choose lenses according to your wishes. The color of the lenses can mimic the color of the real iris of the eye, or it can be even and uniform. In general, lenses are classified into colored and tinted lenses.

Step 3

You can try on lenses of both familiar to the eye colors, and unusual - violet, lilac, bright blue, and even yellow and red. There are also designer lenses that mimic the cat's eye, rainbow, and fluorescent in the dark. If you have dark eyes, choose colored lenses, and if your eyes are light, tinted lenses are best.

Step 4

Buy only high quality contact lenses from trusted manufacturers, and wear them for no longer than three months, taking them off at night.

Step 5

Original lens colors can give you a unique trait that changes your entire look, so choose the color carefully, study the color palettes of each lens manufacturer.

Step 6

If you have never worn lenses - visit an ophthalmologist to give you advice on the rules for choosing and wearing contact lenses. The lens material should not be felt inside the eye and cause discomfort.

Step 7

You can buy colored lenses at any optical store in your city and then change your look whenever you want.

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