How To Use Hair Wax

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How To Use Hair Wax
How To Use Hair Wax

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There are probably few women in the world who would never style their hair. Most of the fair sex every day decides how to give their hair a shiny and well-groomed look. One of the styling products is hair wax.

How to use hair wax
How to use hair wax


Step 1

Wax, like any styling product, comes in varying degrees of fixation. Usually, the higher the number indicated on the package, the stronger the fixing properties. Also, the wax differs in consistency: there is a sufficiently soft, liquid wax for easy fixation, sometimes it is hard. Choose the one that suits your hair and the hairstyle you want to create.

Step 2

Wax is the strongest of all styling products. Therefore, it usually needs to be taken quite a bit so as not to weigh down the hair, not to give it a greasy, greasy look. Take some wax, rub it in your hands and apply it to your hair.

Step 3

If you want to straighten your wavy hair, spread the wax all over the length with a comb and blow-dry. In this case, apply wax to slightly damp hair. If, on the other hand, you want to create cool curls, then also apply wax to your hair and style it with tongs. Curls will last all day.

Step 4

For the best effect, dry clean hair, apply wax to it and then roll it around with tongs. You can also use curlers to secure the curls with a hairdryer. Use hot air first and then cold air, it will fix the hair better and will not damage the hair.

Step 5

Wax is ideal for highlighting individual strands. Simply rub a small amount (a little more than a pinhead) of wax between your fingers and model the strands by separating them with your hands.

Step 6

It is also good for tidying up the ends of your hair, especially if the ends are split. When the hairstyle is completely finished, secure the ends of the hair with waxed fingers and let dry.

Step 7

Another benefit of wax is that it has a protective function. Its dense structure will keep hair from the external environment and dust. It also contains nutrients that are beneficial to hair. If you use too much wax, your hair will appear greasy and dirty.

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