How To Make Beautiful Hairstyles

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How To Make Beautiful Hairstyles
How To Make Beautiful Hairstyles

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Flowing, well-groomed hair is the most beautiful and priceless adornment of a woman. Until recently, making beautiful hairstyles was an art. Modern women are more often limited to styling, but in special cases they lay out their hairstyles with intricate curls. The simplest styling requires the right approach, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. First of all, decide which hairstyles are right for you, and choose the most interesting among them.

How to make beautiful hairstyles
How to make beautiful hairstyles

It is necessary

  • - hair spray
  • - gel
  • - mousse
  • - wax or foam
  • - hair clips and combs
  • - hairpins
  • - invisible


Step 1

A visit to the hairdresser is a must. If you have a haircut, it must have the correct shape. Long hair also requires the hands of a master, it is necessary to cut off the split ends and draw the outline.

Step 2

For styling, you need hairspray, gel, mousse, wax or foam. Supermarkets offer a wide range of hair styling products. What to choose? Ask a specialist for advice.

Step 3

If this is your first time doing your hair, prepare hair clips and combs of various types. Medium length clips are versatile and suitable for any style. If you are not a professional, then you need three types of combs. Small blown drying area, large or medium round, for styling and stretching, regular single row, for bouffant and layering of individual strands.

Step 4

If necessary, stock up on hairpins, invisibility, they should be in the tone of your hair.

Now you are fully equipped, and you can start. Styling or hairstyle is done only on clean hair. Use your regular shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. Towel dry your hair and comb gently. Remember that wet hair is easily injured. Apply a heat protectant to your hair.

Step 5

With the help of a hairdryer and a comb on the pad, we dry the hair to a slightly damp state, giving the shape of the future hairstyle.

Step 6

Apply a styling product to damp hair. Armed with a round comb, we finish styling with a hairdryer, giving the required volume to the hairstyle and pulling the hair. The hair should now be completely dry.

Step 7

You can correct the shape of the hairstyle with a fleece, although today this technique is rarely used. Spread out individual strands and fix the result of your work with varnish. You can leave it that way, or you can add a few strokes using hairpins, ribbons, elastic bands. The main thing is not to overdo it.

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