How To Store A Hairdryer

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How To Store A Hairdryer
How To Store A Hairdryer

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How nice it is to have a house where order reigns. Where every thing has its assigned place. After all, this principle saves your nerves (you do not need to be nervous when you cannot find the right thing) and your funds (thanks to the order, household appliances last a long time and do not fail). For example, a hairdryer: where and how should it be stored? Let's figure it out.

How to store a hair dryer
How to store a hair dryer

It is necessary

  • - cardboard box or chest of drawers (you can use the old one);
  • - a piece of waterproof material: leather or imitation leather;
  • - buttons, brooches, other elements;
  • - glue and scissors.


Step 1

The best place to store a hair dryer is in the bathroom. After all, it is there that the most convenient place to use it is. But the hairdryer must be hidden from water droplets and moisture. Of course, the hairdryer can be put in the bedside table, which is in the bathroom. But will it be convenient? The wire will get in your way: you will spend a lot of time looking for other things in the nightstand. Therefore, we insist that for a home appliance, like a hair dryer, it is necessary to come up with a unique storage place.

Step 2

Take a spacious cardboard box and try to revive it: paste over it with bright material, paint. The most practical material that can be used for this is leather or its substitute. You do not want to see how your miracle - the box will lose its shape from moisture? For gluing such material, use ordinary PVA glue. But on a covered cardboard box, you can glue or sew on various brooches, buttons, ribbons. Using your creativity, you can create a unique storage box for your hair dryer. Just remember that paper (leather or leatherette) and the elements that will be on it should complement the overall style of the bathroom.

Step 3

Take the old chest of drawers (cabinet) and redo it. Make it bright, even fabulous. Paint different parts of it in different colors, experiment with patterns, texture. After painting the chest of drawers, leave it in the air for a couple of days so that the paint is completely dry, and then you can safely fill it with various accessories. For example: one shelf can be reserved for cosmetics, the other for electrical appliances, where our hairdryer will be. Remember that water should never get on its surface.

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