How To Choose A Face Cream

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How To Choose A Face Cream
How To Choose A Face Cream

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Our face needs daily care. In addition to washing and toning, he needs hydration and nutrition. The cream does an excellent job with this task, the main thing is to choose it correctly.

How to choose a face cream
How to choose a face cream


Step 1

Face cream should match your skin type. An improperly selected cream will not only not benefit, but can also aggravate the problem. For normal skin, creams with medium moisturizing properties are suitable. For dry skin, you need to choose a cream with the maximum degree of moisture (day) and nourishing, but not clogging pores (night) For oily skin, light moisturizing fluids or gels that do not overload the skin but replenish it with moisture are best.

Step 2

On the other hand, if face creams were chosen only according to the above criteria, everything would be very simple, but this is not so. When choosing, pay attention that the cream is absorbed quickly enough, does not slip, does not emphasize peeling, interacts well with decorative cosmetics (so that you can apply foundation or powder on it).

Step 3

The cream should not contain comedogenic substances, it should consist mainly of natural ingredients and not clog the pores. Pay attention to the presence of silicones in the cream. A cream with silicones can smooth the face, but this cosmetic effect makes it impossible for the skin to breathe and, as a result, clogs pores. The first sign of clogged pores is pimples that appear suddenly for no apparent reason.

Step 4

An important criterion for choosing a cream is the presence of sun protection factor (SPF). For the middle zone with a temperate climate, it should be at the level of 10-15 units, for sunny countries, hot summer or a vacation in the mountains, choose a cream with enhanced protection, which can go up to 50 units. In summer, cosmetologists recommend using the so-called Sanskrins, which are not only moisturize the skin, but also protect it from the sun.

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