How To Grow Hair

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How To Grow Hair
How To Grow Hair

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Long hair gives a special appeal to the beautiful half of humanity, but not everyone can boast of it. There are two ways to become a long-haired beauty: to build up curls or try to grow them. With the first method, everything is clear and quite simple, but growing hair will be somewhat more difficult and longer.

How to grow hair
How to grow hair


Step 1

Proper hair care is the key to success. It is not enough just to stop cutting, you need to promote not only hair growth, but also the health of your hair. Wash your hair only with a mild shampoo, and then use a rinse aid. Perform cleansing procedures as needed, but it is undesirable to wash your hair daily. Never use soap - it dries out the curls and causes the ends to flake.

Step 2

To accelerate hair growth, use masks to stimulate blood circulation on the scalp. Mix a teaspoon of diluted mustard with 2 tablespoons of burdock oil. Rub into roots twice a week. If you have sensitive skin, use heavy cream or sour cream instead of butter.

Step 3

Massage your scalp gently to strengthen the roots and accelerate hair growth. Also, a slight twitching of the curls will not hurt, but do it carefully, make sure that the hairs do not break out. If you don't feel like inventing anything, just buy a special head massager and use it regularly. Very soon, you will notice that the curls have begun to grow much faster.

Step 4

Go to the hairdresser every 2-3 months and trim your curls just a few millimeters. If you can, cut your hair with hot scissors. After this procedure, you will not need to trim the curls for about 6 months. Growing hair does not mean that you need to forget about beauty salons forever, on the contrary, it is advisable to remove split ends as often as possible.

Step 5

Proper nutrition and intake of vitamin complexes will help achieve the desired result. Eat foods rich in calcium, fluoride, and phosphorus. For healthy hair, care is needed not only from the outside, but also from the inside. After about 1 to 2 years, you will have long, healthy and beautiful hair.

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