How To Choose A Professional Hair Dryer

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How To Choose A Professional Hair Dryer
How To Choose A Professional Hair Dryer

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A flawless hairstyle makes girls attractive and confident. Not everyone can afford to use the services of a hairdresser-stylist on a daily basis. You can style your hair at home using a professional hairdryer, which has many functions. The choice of this irreplaceable assistant must be approached very responsibly.

How to choose a professional hairdryer
How to choose a professional hairdryer


Step 1

The main criterion for choosing a professional hair dryer is resistance to frequent use. Its service life directly depends on the product's motor, the power of which ranges from 1500 to 2500 W. The high quality of the motor predetermines the durability of the hair dryer and its reliability, therefore, preference should be given to products of well-known companies. Also a very important criterion for reliability is the thermal protection system. It automatically turns off the hair dryer if it gets very hot during use.

Step 2

A high-quality professional hair dryer should have several temperature and speed modes. The more such switches, the more freedom remains for the owner of the hair dryer to fulfill her fantasies.

Step 3

When choosing a professional hair dryer, be sure to consider the presence of a cold air supply function, which is used for styling hair. By combining the supply of hot and cold air, you can give your hair the desired shape and permanent fixation of the styling.

Step 4

Pay attention to the air flow ionisation function. It is designed to counteract the negative effects of positive ions on hair. The directional flow of negative ions neutralizes them, which reduces static electricity. Enabling this ionization function will not only make your hair easier to style, but also give your hair a beautiful shine by smoothing the scales.

Step 5

Be sure to pay attention to the noise produced by the hair dryer, the number of nozzles, the material from which the body is made (preferably durable plastic), as well as the length of the cord (it must be at least 3 meters).

Step 6

Before purchasing, be sure to take the hair dryer in hand and hold it. Try to lift, do other manipulations, identify its pros and cons.

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