How To Eyeliner

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How To Eyeliner
How To Eyeliner

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Eye makeup can be beneficial to highlight the beauty of the face. That is why many girls and women pay special attention to him. One of my favorite eye makeup options is the arrows.

How to eyeliner
How to eyeliner


Step 1

In order to draw beautiful arrows, you need not only training, but also knowledge of the features of your face and eye shape, good cosmetics. Examples of good arrows can be copied from photographs.

Step 2

The classic arrow is a medium-thick line that thickens at the outer edge of the eye. Its end is pointed and directed towards the temple. There are many modifications of this arrow, but it is best to learn from the classic version - it suits almost everyone.

Step 3

Before you draw an arrow, powder the eyelid so that the makeup will last longer. Then pull the eyelid a little to straighten the crease and start drawing an arrow along the lash line. Do not try to draw a straight line right away - this is not always possible even with professionals. Draw short strokes, and then draw the space between them. It can be difficult to draw the tip of the arrow - if it is not done correctly, the expression on the face will turn out to be ugly. It is believed that the ideal tip of the arrow is one that continues the line of the lower eyelid.

Step 4

Also, the appearance of the arrow depends on what you will draw it. It can be shadows, pencil, eyeliner (liquid and gel). If you need a line wide and fuzzy, it is better to draw it with shadows - it will be easier to shade. Apply the eyeshadow with a thin, dense, damp brush to brighten the line. A pencil is a great option for everyday makeup. The line turns out to be neat, but at the same time not too "aggressive". The eyeliner is a classic tool for drawing arrows. The line is clear, bright, neat and does not smear for a long time.

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