How To Do Spa Manicure

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How To Do Spa Manicure
How To Do Spa Manicure

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Many girls want well-groomed hands and strong nails. But the wrong lifestyle, unfavorable environmental conditions and other factors often prevent this. There are procedures that allow you to return youth and beauty to your hands. One of them is spa manicure. It makes the skin more elastic, elastic, rejuvenates it, strengthens the nails. This procedure gives pleasure, relieves irritation and fatigue.

How to do spa manicure
How to do spa manicure


Step 1

Remove the old varnish.

Step 2

Look at the condition of your hands and nail plates. Depending on this, a spa manicure program should be selected. Also take into account the individual characteristics and wishes of the client.

Step 3

Shape your nails with a file. This should be done when the hands are dry, so as not to damage the nails and prevent them from delamination.

Step 4

Treat the cuticles if necessary. First, soften it with a special product, and then remove it with an orange stick.

Step 5

Use a warm hand bath to remove any debris. You can add sea salt, essential oils, algae extracts, special nutritional, antibacterial and antifungal agents to it. The duration of this stage is several minutes.

Step 6

Apply an exfoliating scrub or peeling mask to your hands (up to the elbows), which rolls off as it dries. As a result, the upper stratum corneum is removed. If you use a scrub for this stage, then apply it with light massage movements. Remove the remains with a napkin.

Step 7

Make a mask or paraffin bath. There are many different masks: moisturizing, nourishing, whitening, etc. Choose these products based on the condition of your hands and nails. Or you can use natural remedies for this procedure (for example, seaweed, essential oils, chocolate, honey, etc.). Apply the mask to the brushes, and to achieve the best effect, wrap your hands with foil, and put on special mittens made of linen or cotton on top. After 15-20 minutes, wash off the mask with warm water. With paraffin therapy, similar actions are performed: immerse your hands several times in heated paraffin, then wrap with foil and put on mittens. Remove the paraffin after a quarter of an hour. After these procedures, the skin becomes smooth, elastic, tightened, the water-lipid balance of the skin is restored.

Step 8

Apply cream to your hands (you can use essential oils, massage milk or lotion instead) and massage. Movements should be gentle and light. The arms are first processed from the elbows to the hands, and then from the wrists to the fingers and nails. Such massage is useful for the whole organism as a whole, since there are many biologically active points connected with internal organs on the limbs of a person. In addition, this procedure helps the client to relax and relieve stress.

Step 9

Apply a hardener to your nails. When it dries, then they can be covered with colored varnish on top.

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