How To Get A Beautiful Haircut

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How To Get A Beautiful Haircut
How To Get A Beautiful Haircut

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Every fashionista dreams of a beautiful hairstyle, but any hairstyle is based on a haircut. Therefore, it is very important that the haircut not only suits you, but also complements and decorates your complete image.

How to get a beautiful haircut
How to get a beautiful haircut


Step 1

It is very easy to make a beautiful haircut. In solving this issue, there are two ways: to have a haircut yourself, or to contact professionals.

It is very difficult to make a haircut for yourself, since you will not have the opportunity to see yourself from the outside. Such a solution to the problem is appropriate if we are talking about trimming the bangs or, for example, about the "Cascade" haircut. In order to trim the bangs, you must:

1) wash your hair;

2) decide on the type of bangs: straight or oblique;

3) take a large mirror and comfortable scissors;

4) cut off excess hair after wetting it;

5) blow dry your bangs.

Step 2

Haircut "Cascade" is very simple to perform. First, wash your hair. Then comb your wet hair over your face and lean forward so that the ends of your hair create an even line. Use scissors to trim the desired amount of hair in a straight line. Due to the fact that the hair was combed forward, when returning to its original position, the strands will form a ladder.

Step 3

If your girlfriend asked for a haircut, then the range of your possibilities expands significantly. The very fashionable short to long hairstyle is easy to perform. First, separate the top outer strands of hair from the inner bottom strands. This can be done using elastic bands, then the upper hair must be cut so that it forms a fluffy cap, and the lower hair must be trimmed. The haircut is ready.

Step 4

The Spiral haircut is no less popular. This haircut is for short hair. You cut the strands from the left side of the head short, and then, moving to the right side, make them longer and longer.

Step 5

It will not be difficult for you and just trim your hair. To do this, comb the strands so that they fall into place. Then carefully cut off the split ends with scissors. If the hair is straight, then cut in a straight line, and if the haircut meant different lengths of the strands, then keep the shape of the haircut.

Step 6

Any haircut should be done on wet hair, as you will be able to see the real length of the hair, and after finishing the work, the hair should be styled with a hairdryer.

Step 7

For the rest, consult a master hairdresser. After all, he is a professional and must understand the structure of the hair, and, therefore, know which haircut is right for you, and which for your girlfriend.

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