How To Choose A Straightening Iron

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How To Choose A Straightening Iron
How To Choose A Straightening Iron

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Not so long ago, the fashion for smooth hairstyles that came to us sometimes plunges into despair the owners of naturally curly hair, however, special electrical appliances for hair straightening, the so-called irons, can help achieve the desired goal and radically change their image.

How to choose a straightening iron
How to choose a straightening iron


Step 1

To choose the right hair straightener, consider the following: Coating your work surface. Look for irons with ceramic or tourmaline build plates. These materials distribute heat more evenly than metal ones. Thus, thermal damage to the hair associated with aggressive exposure to high temperatures can be avoided. However, be extremely careful - ceramic irons are afraid of shock.

Step 2

The power of the device. Select the power of the irons depending on the tasks that are set before it: if you plan to level naturally curly hair, give preference to devices with high power, in the case of using an iron for even hair, just to make them smooth and shiny, the power may be medium. It is advisable to opt for a device with a power regulator.

Step 3

Body shape. Despite the fact that modern electrical appliances are produced in the most ergonomic design, in order to successfully choose an iron for straightening hair, hold it in your hand and evaluate how convenient the shape of its body is, whether its weight is suitable, whether it is comfortable to use it for several tens of minutes. In addition, since the iron was created by the beauty industry and is aimed at aesthetic work, its appearance should simply be liked by the owner.

Step 4

Power supply. Before making a purchase, consider in what conditions the iron will be used - whether it should be at home all the time or will it become a faithful companion on travels, business trips or periodic trips to nature or a summer cottage. To look great and be mobile at the same time, get a rechargeable iron. In addition, without being tied to a wired power supply, the iron provides more freedom while shaping the hairstyle and allows the hand to act more actively and less fatigue.

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