How To Choose A Women's Perfume

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How To Choose A Women's Perfume
How To Choose A Women's Perfume

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Fragrances can work wonders. If a person exudes a pleasant smell, he becomes more attractive in the eyes of others, which is especially important for a woman. You just need to choose the right perfume wisely.

How to choose a women's perfume
How to choose a women's perfume


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First of all, understand for yourself the most important and basic property of any fragrance: the smell, like music, has lower, middle and upper notes. One perfume bottle includes each one. You feel the top notes immediately after applying the perfume to the body, after which the middle notes unfold. But the lower notes are the most persistent, and they accompany a person throughout the day. They do not have a pungent smell, are hardly perceptible to the people around you. Therefore, when choosing a perfume, never rush, wait and let the scent manifest itself from all sides.

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Also, keep in mind that the scent on each woman can be revealed differently. At first glance, this is wonderful. After all, a perfume can show itself on you in the most unique way, thanks to your individual ph level. However, on the other hand, this fact makes one treat such an important purchase even more carefully. Do not even read the reviews of girls on the forums, do not listen to the advice of your friends - remember that the scent on your skin can unfold from a completely unexpected side.

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Also, don't buy perfumes just because they are considered the hottest this season. You should choose a scent for yourself, first of all you should like it, and only then others. Also, do not buy perfume in stores where it is exposed to direct light, in the immediate vicinity of heat sources. In such conditions, perfumes quickly lose their aromatic properties and become unpleasant.

Step 4

Do not buy perfume on the basis of only a high price. It also happens that not very expensive fragrances turn out to be much more pleasant and persistent than the perfumes of expensive brands.

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